Zim paranoia over cellphones, radios

Media freedom campaigners say police in Zimbabwe are breaking the law by seizing and banning small radio receivers that can tune in to stations not linked to the state broadcasting monopoly controlled by president Robert Mugabe's party. Continue reading on www.techcentral.co.za....

25 Feb 2013

Journalists in exile

Over the past six years, the Committee to Protect Journalists has documented 243 cases of journalists who have been forced to flee their home country to avoid harassment and imprisonment. On average, three journalists a month make this escape, with less than 15% of them ever seeing home again....

20 Jun 2007

Mugabe puts a spin on a ‘New Sunday Times’

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and Namibian President Sam Nujoma have joined hands to start a new regional newspaper called the 'New Sunday Times' to "counter the threat from the global media to African values". The 'New Sunday Times' will, according to reports, be jointly published by the...

5 May 2004

Daily News editor quits

Francis Mdlongwa, the editor-in-chief of the Daily News, the only Zimbabwean independent daily newspaper which was shut down by the government last week, has resigned from his post. Mdlongwa, who had been considering leaving for some time, said that it was unfortunate that he had to do so during the...

15 Sep 2003

Zim expels respected journo

On Friday evening Andrew Meldrum, the Zimbabwean correspondent for The Guardian newspaper was deported to the UK despite three separate court orders prohibiting his expulsion. Meldrum had spent the last 23 years reporting on the country.

18 May 2003

Zim Supreme Court rules controversial media law unconstitutional

The Supreme Court in Zimbabwe has declared unconstitutional and struck out a section of media law that made it an offence for a journalist to publish falsehoods. Two journalists with The Daily News, Geoffrey Nyarota and Lloyd Mudiwa, challenged the constitutionality of the law after being accused of...

8 May 2003

Daily News barred from Zim parliament

Journalists with The Daily News were barred from covering the opening of the Zimbabwean Parliament last Tuesday and have also been barred from any deliberations in the House until they are accredited by the Media and Information Commission (MIC).

27 Feb 2003

Zimpapers launches New Farmer

Zimbabwe Newspapers Ltd has launched New Farmer, a weekly magazine aimed at becoming the country's leading voice in agriculture for new and experienced farmers. The mag will be headed by former Business Herald editor George Chisoko.

11 Sep 2002

Breakfast with Madiba

94.7 Highveld Stereo's Rude Awakening Team (Jeremy Mansfield, Sam Cowen and Harry Sideropoulos) will be having an exclusive breakfast with former President Nelson Mandela on Wednesday, 4 September, which will be broadcast from his home in Houghton between 07h00 and 08h00. A wide range of issues will...

2 Sep 2002

Yfm extends range

Yfm has extended its field of broadcast and is now available on DStv's Channel 60 of the audio transmissions. Yfm can now be received in most of Southern Africa, including the whole of the RSA, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Southern Angola, Mozambique and parts of Zimbabwe.

6 May 2002

Mail & Guardian bid

Zimbabwe's Independent Media Group, backed by the Botswana Bank, is on a shortlist of three bidders to buy a stake in the SA Mail & Guardian. Also in the running is Nail CEO Saki Macozoma and his associate David Barritt, while the third bidder's identity is uncertain. The successful bidder will own...

18 Mar 2002

Herald bought out by opposition

A Zimbabwean opposition supporter drove through Mutare, the country's third largest centre, on Saturday, buying all the copies of the State-owned Herald newspaper that he could, allegedly trying to stop the Zimbabwean Governments propaganda from getting to readers. He was arrested by police, who...

11 Mar 2002

Zim to allow journalists

Zimbabwean officials have agreed to accredit all journalists. This is according to Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aziz Pahad following talks between government and Zimbabwean officials. The South African National Editor's Forum (SANEF) welcomes the statement and is urging local journalists to start...

21 Feb 2002

Zim reconsiders SA media ban

A Zimbabwean government delegation has assured the SA National Editors Forum that the decision to bar several SA publications from covering the presidential elections would be reconsidered. Applications to cover the election from journalists of Beeld, The Sunday Times and the Independent Newspapers...

20 Feb 2002

The Death of Free Press in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean parliament has passed a media bill making it illegal for journalists to work without government accreditation. Critical reporting of the government is banned. Foreign correspondents will not be allowed in the country to cover the upcoming election. Violations carry jail-terms of up to...

1 Feb 2002

Zim hunts down "tourist" journalists

As the Zimbabwean state legislature puts off the passing of a controversial media bill for the fifth time, government authorities are hunting down foreign nationals who declared themselves as tourists on entering the country, but are working illegally as journalists. The state-controlled Herald said...

25 Jan 2002

Zim media bill still in the balance

For the fourth time in two weeks the Zimbabwean government has failed to pass a controversial bill that would effectively silence its independent media. The legislature adjourned early yesterday after asking for more time to determine whether the proposed bill would violate constitutional rights.

24 Jan 2002

Zim exports its propaganda

In an effort to counteract the negative reports about Zimbabwe, the state media is selling its newspapers in neighbouring countries and Europe. The Sunday Mail and The Herald are on sale in Britain, while three other state-run papers are on sale in Botswana, and The Manica Post is being sold in...

14 Jan 2002

Zim govt pushes for media laws to muzzle opposition

The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Bill are due to be passed on Tuesday to suppress dissent and muzzle the press ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. The new laws would ban foreign correspondents from working in Zimbabwe and force Zimbabwean reporters to seek licenses from...

10 Jan 2002

Mugabe Media Blitz

In the run-up to Zimbabwe's March election the ruling political party, ZANU-PF, has launched a media blitz for President Robert Mugabe's re-election bid, paying for a series of advertisements in private and state-owned newspapers. Praising Mugabe's social, agricultural and economic policies, the...

7 Jan 2002

Press freedom award goes to Zimbabwean editor

The editor of Zimbabwe's only private daily newspaper, Geoffrey Nyarota, has won the World Association of Newspapers' press freedom award. "Geoffrey Nyarota has with great courage stood firm and resolute in the face of repeated attempts to silence him and his newspaper," the Paris-based board said...

2 Dec 2001

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