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    Ogilvy shines as the winning Consumer and Influence PR Agency at the SABRE Africa Awards

    Ogilvy PR & Influence has been recognised as the top Consumer, Influence and Corporate PR Agency at the prestigious SABRE Africa Awards this year. The agency garnered exceptional acclaim, earning accolades in several categories such as Marketing to Consumers, Fashion and Beauty, and Healthcare, driving innovation and achieving exceptional results that resonate across markets. The agency's strategic modern marketing approach was highlighted by its campaigns for notable brands such as Unilever, NARS and Life Healthcare Group.
    Ogilvy shines as the winning Consumer and Influence PR Agency at the SABRE Africa Awards

    Ogilvy PR & Influence's together with Unilever Comfort launched the ‘Comfort Fragrance Release Pouch’, which utilised groundbreaking social media strategies and digital marketing techniques that not only captured the essence of the product but also significantly boosted sales, marking it as the best sales driver for the category in the past three years – As a result, they won a SABRE award in consumer marketing, the leading agency in this category.

    Under the category of Fashion and Beauty, the launch of NARS in South Africa turned heads with an influencer-led strategy that exceeded retail expectations by 30%. The campaign effectively engaged audiences, achieving an impressive media value and enhancing brand visibility across multiple platforms. This led Ogilvy PR and Influence to win a SABRE award for Influence-led communications, notably the only winner in this category.

    Sanesh Maharaj, head of Influence at Ogilvy PR & Influence, elaborated, “Our influence-led campaigns are carefully crafted to reflect a deep understanding of consumer and influencer insights, a thorough grasp of the changing social media landscape and the cultural environment. This allows us to consistently raise industry standards, foster innovation, make a cultural impact, and achieve outstanding results that resonate across markets.”

    Additionally, Ogilvy's corporate PR campaign won a SABRE award in the Healthcare category for 'Leading the Future of Healthcare' with Life Healthcare Group, which addressed the critical nursing shortage. By leveraging social media and utilising a strategic paid media plan to target nurses across various age groups, the campaign effectively supported Learning Centres across South Africa. These efforts aimed to increase awareness and promote nursing as a profession. The campaign surpassed its goals, reaching nearly 10 million people in South Africa - far exceeding the target of 5.6 million and generating over 1 000 leads from the core target audience interested in nursing.

    “We are incredibly excited to be recognised for the impactful work produced in these campaigns, which demonstrates our ability to blend creativity with results-oriented communication strategies. Our work in Influence, Consumer, and Corporate PR being acknowledged at the SABRE Africa Awards is a testament to the hard work and creativity of our team,” commented Samantha Presbury, managing director of Ogilvy PR & Influence.

    “At Ogilvy, we are constantly redefining strategic communications in partnership with our clients. This collaboration propels us toward groundbreaking achievements and establishes new industry benchmarks. We are very proud our PR & Influence team, for being recognised at this year's SABRE Africa Awards for their innovative campaigns,” adds Pete Case, CEO and creative chairman of Ogilvy South Africa.

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