music videos ...HELP!!!

How do I obtain international music videos to broadcast locally without ripping off anybody ?? 5 Sep 2008

How to get employed in the South African media industry

Finding a job in PR, journalism and advertising. 19 Jul 2008

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Are you tired of Zimbabwe and the ongoing crisis dominating the news reports?

Every newspaper, radio station, website and television news slot has an update on how the crisis is worsening in Zimbabwe. 11 Jul 2008

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Same character over and over in ads - dangerous?

I sometimes find that in such ads, one ends up paying attention to the character and not what is being advertised. 28 Feb 2006

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Zimbabwe media

Any comment on the media situation in Zimbabwe? 7 Apr 2003

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Anti Rape campaign ideas

SA has the highest per capita rate of reported rape in the world. Rape Crisis 15 Dec 2001

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