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#NEWSWATCH: Singing and dancing on the streets of Zimbabwe and on social media

Harare became one big street party as the resignation of President Robert Mugabe was announced yesterday. Much of the party was streamed live to the Zimbabwean diaspora via social media.
© bram janssens via 123RF
The tweets were scrolling so fast, they were almost unreadable.

Zimbabwe has been under the control of the military for a week after troops moved into the capital Harare last week to secure key installations. A “coup” was denied by military leaders in Zimbabwe, although 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe was “secured” in his home and wife Grace Mugabe, left the country speedily.

Mugabe has been in power in Zimbabwe since it achieved democracy 37 years ago and the crisis was sparked by attempts to make his wife, his successor.

The country remained on a knife edge for a week as Mugabe refused to resign, giving a rambling speech that was television to the world in which he skirted the resignation issue, insisting he was still in charge.

Of course South Africans weighed in as well with an opinion…

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