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#AfricaMonth: Pave the way to Open Skies

Although it's certainly not feasible for Africa to have thousands of city pairs because the traveller demand simply doesn't exist, there are several hundred city pairs that would certainly be sustainable...

By Natalia Rosa 6 hours ago

Samad Osman
#AfricaMonth: Growing market in Africa

Hapag-Lloyd recently opened a new office in Tema, Ghana as it continues its expansion across the continent. We interviewed Samad Osman, the Africa managing director for Hapag-Lloyd, and found out more about the current state of business for a logistics company in Africa...

By Ilse van den Berg 14 May 2018

#AfricaMonth: The power of smart technology in Africa
#AfricaMonth: The power of smart technology in Africa

People across Africa face considerable challenges - many of them existential. But, without the right devices, connectivity, and skills, those who badly need their problems solved often can't access available solutions...

By Greg Morris 8 May 2018

Kenya's Twiga Foods partners IBM for blockchain-based microfinancing
Kenya's Twiga Foods partners IBM for blockchain-based microfinancing

Kenyan agri-tech startup Twiga Foods has partnered IBM Research to extend access to microloans to 220 food stall retailers across Kenya using a blockchain-based financing system...

By Tom Jackson 19 Apr 2018

Kenya's MoBar Delivery brings alcohol to your door
Kenya's MoBar Delivery brings alcohol to your door

Kenyan startup MoBar Delivery is connecting consumers with suppliers via couriers using a mobile app, streamlining and simplifying distribution of goods, starting with alcohol...

By Tom Jackson 12 Apr 2018

Photo by paul mocan on Unsplash
Three African airports honoured at Airport Service Quality Awards

Airports Company South Africa's George Airport and King Shaka International, as well as another African airport, Nairobi Airport, were honoured at the ACI Airport Service Quality Awards...

By Ilse van den Berg 8 Mar 2018

Nigeria's Yesharvest launches agri-commerce platform
Nigeria's Yesharvest launches agri-commerce platform

Nigerian startup Yesharvest has launched a zero-inventory e-commerce platform for fresh farm produce that allows users to purchase from farmers...

By Tom Jackson 19 Dec 2017

David Williams
#AfricaMonth: Internal trade barriers show signs of falling

While the road ahead may still present significant challenges, some of Africa's most long-standing internal trade barriers are beginning to show signs of falling. We interview David Williams, Maersk Line Africa chief executive and global head of Safmarine to find out more...

By Ilse van den Berg 30 May 2017

Africa is the youngest continent in the world in terms of its people and is expected to have the largest workforce in the world by 2035. Consumer-facing industries will grow significantly between now and 2010. (Image: NASA)
Bottom line: It's about Africa

Africa is the story, actually the big story is Africa*. This was the message from Malcolm Horne, of Broll at the fourth South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) annual research conference.

By Danette Breitenbach 11 Apr 2014

Dina Saffer-Myers
Winning advertising creative - you get what you brief

A brand manager's dream: Produce a TV advert showcasing the benefits of a product whilst bringing a tear to the consumer's eye and galvanising them to rush out to purchase it.

By Dina Saffer-Myers 18 Mar 2014

Paddy Hartdegen
This is lateral thinking of the first order

Some people seem to think that South Africa is the king of oddities and curiosities, particularly when it comes to the many schemes aimed at fleecing unsuspecting and gullible consumers of their money. But there are oddities all over Africa and there just as many crooks, thieves and scammers in other parts of Africa as there are in South Africa.

By Paddy Hartdegen 4 Jul 2013

[2013 trends] Mobile money to give SoLoMo a kick in the pants?
[2013 trends] Mobile money to give SoLoMo a kick in the pants?

SoLoMo: the glorious intersection of social, location and mobile that was going to superpower hyperlocal search and prove to be the holy grail, allowing retailers and other businesses to attract an army of smartphone-wielding customers. Pretty exciting stuff, especially during an economic downturn, right? In my opinion, quite the contrary.

By Vanessa Clark 23 Jan 2013

Massmart sells Zim stores to OK Zimbabwe
Massmart sells Zim stores to OK Zimbabwe

South Africa's Massmart, a sitting duck for a US$2 billion takeover bid by US retailer Wal-Mart Store Inc., has sold its Zimbabwe unit to retail group, OK Zimbabwe. The deal ends months of speculation over Massmart's planned disposal of Makro Zimbabwe and the identity of the buyer.

By Dumisani Ndlela 10 Dec 2010

Zim: An apparel shop and a funeral plan

There is a new signal that seasons have changed in Zimbabwe, and it is the apparel shops displaying "winter clearance sale" or "summer fashions just arrived" signs on their display windows.

By Dumisani Ndlela 23 Aug 2010

McDonald's to open restaurants in Zimbabwe
McDonald's to open restaurants in Zimbabwe

US-based fast food giant McDonald's has cast its sights on Zimbabwe, 11 years after its initial plan to start restaurants in the country failed due to an unprecedented economic and political crisis.

By Dumisani Ndlela 16 Aug 2010

Surge in Zim retail imports triggers concern

Zimbabwe's central bank has called on government to halt what it called "deindustrialisation through over-reliance on imports of finished goods" after the distribution and retail sector accounted for the biggest jump in imports by value during the half year to June.

By Dumisani Ndlela 11 Aug 2010

Coca-Cola enters Zimbabwe's energy drink market
Coca-Cola enters Zimbabwe's energy drink market

The Coca-Cola Company has entered Zimbabwe's energy drinks market in a demonstration of renewed interest in a country that had become a pariah to international investors due to an unprecedented economic crisis.

By Dumisani Ndlela 6 Aug 2010

Pick n Pay to bailout Zim retailer
Pick n Pay to bailout Zim retailer

Meikles Ltd CEO Brendan Beaumont has confirmed negotiations with South Africa's Pick n Pay over Zimbabwe's TM Supermarkets, saying the supermarket chain requires US$21 million, or R167 million at the ruling exchange rate, in fresh capital.

By Dumisani Ndlela 24 May 2010

Zim plans levy on tobacco, beer advertising

Zimbabwe's health authorities are pushing for the introduction of levies on alcohol and tobacco advertisements as a punitive measure against consumption, a move likely to face resistance from manufacturers.

By Dumisani Ndlela 12 May 2010

Pick n Pay to acquire Zim TM Supermarkets shares
Pick n Pay to acquire Zim TM Supermarkets shares

South Africa's retail group Pick n Pay was said to have reached an agreement on extending its shareholding in Zimbabwe's TM Supermarkets, currently majority-owned by Kingdom Meikles. The deal is said to be part of a recovery plan for the Kingdom Meikles group, whose retail operations need significant cash injections for refurbishment and restocking.

By Dumisani Ndlela 10 May 2010

Zim retailer plans to double customer base

Retail group OK Zimbabwe, is expecting to double its revenues after re-launching its grand challenge which had been suspended two years ago due to an unprecedented economic crisis in the country.

By Dumisani Ndlela 26 Apr 2010

Zim: Delta Beverages refreshes bottles

Delta Beverages, a division of SABMiller's Zimbabwean unit, Delta Corporation, is expected to roll out “rejuvenated” bottles and new labels for its brands, a circular to the company's stakeholders revealed.

By Dumisani Ndlela 20 Apr 2010

Zim: Clothing retail giants endure tough market
Zim: Clothing retail giants endure tough market

Clothing retail giants are finding that the battle for the cash market is turning tougher due to a proliferation of informal retail shops stocking cheap but quality merchandise from abroad.

By Dumisani Ndlela 8 Mar 2010

Counterfeits on Zim's market
Counterfeits on Zim's market

Zimbabwe's manufacturers are grappling with a surge in counterfeit consumer products on the retail market, ranging from food items to farming inputs.

By Dumisani Ndlela 22 Feb 2010

Visa International back in Zim
Visa International back in Zim

Standard Chartered Bank (Zimbabwe), the primary agent for Visa in Zimbabwe, announced the return of Visa this week, noting that it had started issuing bank customers with the cards on request.

By Dumisani Ndlela 23 Sep 2009

Zim retailers sideline wholesalers as competition intensifies

Zimbabwe's retail players are circumventing wholesalers in the country's supply chain as retail competition in the country intensifies. Retailers are seeking direct relationships with manufacturers in order to cut prices and keep customers in a highly competitive market.

By Dumisani Ndlela 17 Sep 2009

No cheers for Zim wines and spirits
No cheers for Zim wines and spirits

It's no longer cheers for local wine and spirit lovers. Come August, they will pay more for wines and spirits, after finance minister Tendai Biti increased customs duty on these products.

By Dumisani Ndlela 20 Jul 2009

Zim banks to import foreign cash

Zimbabwe's central bank has ordered banks to start importing foreign currency from their nostro accounts as banks began grappling with increasing demand for foreign cash, bankers said. A nostro account is a bank account established in a foreign country for the purpose of holding that country's currency.

By Sam Hungwe 20 Feb 2009

Zimbabwe: Retail business now a pain for operators

Alex Peterson has been in the retail business all his life. His family has run a fleet of businesses, which include supermarkets, beer outlets and butcheries, for over 45 years.

By Dumisani Ndlela 14 Oct 2008

Censoring kids' advertising

Retailers, manufacturers and fast food outlets will, by mid next month, have a self regulatory policy in place when it comes to advertising their products to children.

By Vivian Warby 25 Jul 2007

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