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Paddy Hartdegen has been working as a journalist and writer for the past 40 years since his first article was published in the Sunday Tribune when he was just 16-years-old. He has written 13 books, edited a plethora of business-to-business publications and written for most of the major newspapers in South Africa.
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Counter-cyclical spending - where is it?

For some people the only purpose of a business is to make money for shareholders. For others there might be some underlying social investment - such as creating jobs or providing a better quality of life - but one thing is certain: without profit, no business is sustainable.

By Paddy Hartdegen 11 Sep 2013

Housing for miners should provide jobs too

I fail to understand why it should take the deaths of 44 people - and a year of mourning for the lost loved-ones - to get someone to do something about housing in an area that should be awash with money.

By Paddy Hartdegen 11 Sep 2013

Was the construction industry wrong?

Many people in the commercial world, the media and the security sectors have been baying for the blood of the chief executive and directors of several major construction companies over their collusion.

By Paddy Hartdegen 25 Jul 2013

Village services are just as bad

Protestors are generally portrayed as rampaging, unemployed hooligans with nothing better to do than make trouble. But there are other strange stories around this beautiful country of ours - stories that are enough to leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

By Paddy Hartdegen 5 Jul 2013

This is lateral thinking of the first order

Some people seem to think that South Africa is the king of oddities and curiosities, particularly when it comes to the many schemes aimed at fleecing unsuspecting and gullible consumers of their money. But there are oddities all over Africa and there just as many crooks, thieves and scammers in other parts of Africa as there are in South Africa.

By Paddy Hartdegen 4 Jul 2013

Do it once - and do it right

Anyone with half a brain and no mathematical training can follow this simple reasoning: it is cheaper to do a job properly the first time without taking shortcuts than to do it badly, using inferior methods and materials in the hope that it will save money. It should be obvious to everyone that this is never the case. Sadly it isn't.

By Paddy Hartdegen 4 Jul 2013

I reckon Michael Jordaan's scared of flying

Maybe, at 46, he's just read Erica Jong's "Fear of Flying" and decided that what she says is true: So he's changing his life, quitting First National Bank (FNB) and exploring new, more exciting and more rewarding challenges.

By Paddy Hartdegen 23 May 2013

Everyone at Eskom should be switching to gas

I would hope that everyone at Eskom - not only its chief executive, Brian Dames - would be using gas rather than electricity to make something tasty for supper. We wouldn't want our chief executives, or anyone else at Eskom, going hungry at night when they have to keep the power feeding into the homes of millions of South Africans.

By Paddy Hartdegen 9 May 2013

Forget BEE: our real wealth is in knowledge capital

I never know whether it's safe to trust opinions or commentaries from unions in South Africa because I always suspect that there is probably a hidden agenda somewhere.

By Paddy Hartdegen 15 Mar 2013

What did Amplats workers expect after striking?

There is something completely absurd about the knee-jerk reaction that followed Anglo American Platinum's announcement that it planned to cut 14,000 jobs, put three mines onto a care and maintenance programme and close a fourth mine. The outburst from the workers, the unions and even the Minister of Mines, Susan Shabangu defies all our sensibilities.

By Paddy Hartdegen 21 Jan 2013

SAIRR calls for BEE to be scrapped

I may have been saying this for years but now another much more august body agrees that black economic empowerment initiatives should be scrapped and South Africa should entrust its development, growth and social change to the people who are best trained to implement them - whether they are black, Indian, coloured or white.

By Paddy Hartdegen 21 Jan 2013

Gross unfairness for South Africa's mining companies

The more I read about the horrors of the Lonmin sagas at Marikana the more angry I get because of the enormous injustices that have occurred in those mining village over the years.

By Paddy Hartdegen 31 Aug 2012

Lonmin: Crossed the bounds of negotiation into anarchy and war

Just imagine if I walked into my boss's office at the end of the year, armed with a machete and a shotgun, and demand that he or she triple my salary from R4 000 a month to R12 500 a month. And then get uptight and aggressive because my boss called security, marched me off the premises and refused to have anything to do with me at all until, at least, I had laid down my arms.

By Paddy Hartdegen 23 Aug 2012

The Durban bridge and other stories

If people wonder why so many ordinary South Africans get so cross about crime - and here I'm not talking about violent crime, just straight theft - then what happened in Durban and Alexandra are excellent cases to consider.

By Paddy Hartdegen 27 Jun 2012

Gigaba: Please don't tell us how to spend our money

If some person, not a 'friend' or 'someone special', started telling me how to spend my money I'd probably tell them to get stuffed and to use goose down for the stuffing.

By Paddy Hartdegen 16 Apr 2012

Kings of Leon get crowds rocking at FNB

Partying Kings of Leon fans erupted with a roar as red smoke filled the FNB Stadium as members of the rock band walked on stage to begin their first set and started rocking the crowds according to a review published in The Star.

By Paddy Hartdegen 31 Oct 2011

Beware of dismissing a disabled worker

If an employee is unable to work, is it possible for the employer to dismiss him or her? This is a question that sometimes arises in the workplace and Section Six of the Employment Equity Act specifically prohibits an employer from terminating employment on the grounds of a disability.

By Paddy Hartdegen 28 Oct 2011

SA confidence wanes and PPI rises

Producer price inflation (PPI) has reached double-digit growth for the first time since 2008 according to Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) which says the year-on-year (y/y) growth was 10,5% in September.

By Paddy Hartdegen 28 Oct 2011

Key facets of the Medium-Term Budget Policy statement

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan presented his Medium-Term Budget Policy statement to Parliament on Tuesday, 25 October 2011. The implications for the whole of South Africa are extensive and there are many different interpretations that can be placed on the policy and its implementation in the years ahead.

By Paddy Hartdegen 27 Oct 2011

Gordhan provides R25-billion for industry

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has set aside R25-billion that will be spent over the next six years to bolster the manufacturing sector. The announcement was contained in Gordhan's Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement released on Tuesday, 25 October 2011.

By Paddy Hartdegen 26 Oct 2011

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