Counterfeits on Zim's market

Zimbabwe's manufacturers are grappling with a surge in counterfeit consumer products on the retail market, ranging from food items to farming inputs.
Counterfeits on Zim's marketSchweppes Zimbabwe, which produces a variety of carbonated soft drinks and cordials, said it had become the latest victim of counterfeiting, and has warned consumers that the market has been flooded by counterfeits of one of its popular products.

“Beware! Counterfeit Mazoe Orange Crush on the market,” said Schweppes in a notice to consumers.

The counterfeits are packaged in exactly the same containers as its own products, but the tamper-proof seal is slightly broken, said Schweppes, which is owned by Coca-Cola.

The company warned producers of the counterfeits that it was criminal to use the design and shape of its bottles.

A Harare magistrate recently sentenced a man to four years accused of counterfeiting Seed Co's variety of maize seed which he had succeeded in distributing through the informal market system to hundreds of unsuspecting consumers.

There have been reports of counterfeits for electrical products as well as products like cooking oil packaged in branded bottles.

Consumers have been urged to buy from authorised dealers and outlets and to shun bargains on the informal market where most counterfeits are being sold.

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