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Trevor Ncube to launch online TV station in Zimbabwe

Alpha Media Holding (AMH) will soon launch an online radio and television station after having been awarded a licence by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Alpha Media Holdings, the publisher of NewsDay, The Standard, and The Independent is 100% owned by Trevor Ncube.
© Leszek Glasner via 123RF
Through its subsidiary, Heart & Soul Broadcasting Services, AMH can now offer video on demand (VOD) and Webcasting Services, as the group enters in the growing digital platforms and internet population.

The chief executive officer of Heart & Soul Broadcasting Services and chief operation officer of AMH, Kangai Maukazuva, said the media company was excited to develop its business model into digital broadcasting, and declared, “Broadcast journalism has moved, and content consumption patterns have also shifted. The phenomena presents to us a huge opportunity to expedite our vision of a digital first business in a market that is fast becoming a digital society.”

Maukazuva further commented, “Being able to offer VOD allows our users to select and watch and listen to video or audio content such as movies and TV shows whenever they choose, rather than at a scheduled broadcast time. This will complement our leading print offerings. We are committed to investing into delivery of content to our loyal customers.”

With the media and entertainment industry poised to experience growing shifts in viewing consumption and advertising spend on digital media at the expense of traditional print-based media, AMH is therefore attempting to reacw millions of internet users with their video on demand (VOD) and Webcasting services.

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