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Redefinition launches Happenings

Bulawayo-based marketing company, Redefinition, in partnership with Instant Solutions & Consultancy, has launched an events and hospitality magazine titled Happenings.

Happenings will reportedly cover events management and hospitality businesses in Zimbabwe and abroad through features and profiling.

"We have launched a product that we believe will take events management and hospitality in Zimbabwe and in Africa in general to the epicentre of the global village", says Herbet Dube, Editor of the magazine.

"Zimbabwe tourism has a great potential and as a stakeholder we believe we have come at the right time to tell the Zimbabwean story, giving other tourism and hospitality players an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Zimbabwe. There are so many business that have not enjoyed enough coverage and publicity and this is their time."

The magazine is available in print and as a downloadable PDF on the Happenings website. One can also 'flip' and read the pages online without necessarily downloading it.

Online and offline audiences

"We have tried our best to accommodate online and offline audiences so as to have a wider reach. The aim is for local, regional and international readers to have access to Happenings and read about Zimbabwe, its beauty and the various service providers at their disposal", explains Dube.

He also says the magazine is an essential product for local and international tourists needing to know more about Zimbabwe's tourist attraction sites, places for accommodation, relaxing and eat out. The magazine is a vital tool for the promotion of M.I.C.E tourism too as it shares the potential places for venues and conference spaces for the business community in Zimbabwe, Africa and globally.

'It is a full package for holiday makers and business personnel interested in visiting various places in Zimbabwe. It guides you from where to hold your event, which photographer to hire, how to dress and where to eat. It also gives business managers health tips, and lodge, Villas and Hotel owners how to keep their gardens green and beautiful. All this is summed up by Happenings motto that it is 'Your Events Management and Hospitality Portfolio'," says Dube.

The second edition is expected in the first week of December.

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