Alan Knott-Craig is a South African entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of Project Isizwe as well as executive chairman of Hero Telecoms, Ever Africa, and Happimo NPC.
Mental models for tech entrepreneurs coming to Africa

According to Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet's partner at Berkshire Hathaway, you understand the latticework, or mental model, for the industry/country you're entering, before you enter it.

By Alan Knott-Craig 9 Apr 2018

The internet will be free one day

What is the one thing your kids can't live without? It's not water. It's not electricity. It's not school. It's the internet...

By Alan Knott-Craig 1 Feb 2018

#EntrepreneurMonth: If you can sell your first startup, sell it

Us humans have a heuristic bias to sell our winners and hold onto our losers. That's not the way to build wealth. Better to hang onto your winners and cut your losers loose...

By Alan Knott-Craig 18 Oct 2017

Airbnb an opportunity for poor communities in Cape Town

If Cape Town can use Airbnb to tackle housing shortages in poor communities and provide residents with additional rental income whilst increasing the availability of tourist accommodation, it will have created a...

By Alan Knott-Craig 24 Jan 2017

#BizTrends2017: Who will be the Tim Noakes of IT?

Tim Noakes spent the majority of his professional career espousing a high-carb low-fat (HCLF) diet. He wrote books, he started the Sports Science Institute, he ran marathons...

By Alan Knott-Craig 9 Jan 2017

20 tips for exploiting ICT for your company

Whether you're in the enterprise or consumer space, you need to know how people (customers and staff) want to use the mobile web...

By Alan Knott-Craig 4 Jul 2016

Don't panic South Africa, the internet is coming

It's easy to get mopey and depressed when you read the papers. Violent crime. Rampant corruption...

By Alan Knott-Craig 12 May 2016

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