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Amna Elshandaweely's latest fashion collection launched at Design Indaba 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.
#DesignIndaba2018: Fashion with a social conscience

How Egyptian fashion designer Amna Elshandaweely uses social activism in her fashion to address issues of culture and identity...

By Louise Marsland 2 days ago

Brand consistency: Taking marketing to a higher level
Brand consistency: Taking marketing to a higher level

In the highly competitive business landscape where social media and customer experience are adding complexity to a global landscape, marketing needs to evolve...

By Paula Sartini 6 Feb 2018

Four fast ways to maximise in-store promotions
Four fast ways to maximise in-store promotions

When economies are under pressure, brand owners must work hard to preserve their coveted customer loyalty and sales...

By Sandra Steenkamp 5 Feb 2018

#BizTrends2018: The new rules of retail
#BizTrends2018: The new rules of retail

If you're searching for proof that retail as we know it is changing, look no further than Shanghai's 24-hour, unstaffed, self-driving grocery store...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 29 Jan 2018

Image by 123RF
#TRENDING: What do an umbrella, a shark and a house plant have in common?

The influential Consumer Goods Forum summit was held in Africa for the first time - these are the top trends emerging...

By Louise Marsland 20 Jun 2016

#CGFsummit: Reasons to believe in Africa
#CGFsummit: Reasons to believe in Africa

There are many reasons to invest in Africa and even more reasons to believe in Africa, international delegates were told at the Consumer Goods Forum global summit in Cape Town...

By Louise Marsland 17 Jun 2016

Image by 123RF
#CGFSummit: Future of retailing in sub-Saharan Africa

Five things you need to know about the future of the retail market in sub-Saharan Africa...

By Louise Marsland 16 Jun 2016

Africa is the youngest continent in the world in terms of its people and is expected to have the largest workforce in the world by 2035. Consumer-facing industries will grow significantly between now and 2010. (Image: NASA)
Bottom line: It's about Africa

Africa is the story, actually the big story is Africa*. This was the message from Malcolm Horne, of Broll at the fourth South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) annual research conference.

By Danette Breitenbach 11 Apr 2014

Paddy Hartdegen
This is lateral thinking of the first order

Some people seem to think that South Africa is the king of oddities and curiosities, particularly when it comes to the many schemes aimed at fleecing unsuspecting and gullible consumers of their money. But there are oddities all over Africa and there just as many crooks, thieves and scammers in other parts of Africa as there are in South Africa.

By Paddy Hartdegen 4 Jul 2013

[2013 trends] Mobile money to give SoLoMo a kick in the pants?
[2013 trends] Mobile money to give SoLoMo a kick in the pants?

SoLoMo: the glorious intersection of social, location and mobile that was going to superpower hyperlocal search and prove to be the holy grail, allowing retailers and other businesses to attract an army of smartphone-wielding customers. Pretty exciting stuff, especially during an economic downturn, right? In my opinion, quite the contrary.

By Vanessa Clark 23 Jan 2013

TransUnion expands into Africa
TransUnion expands into Africa

TransUnion, a global credit and information management organisation, has acquired majority shareholding in CRB Holdings Limited, signifying its bold expansion steps into Africa.

By Gregory Gondwe 28 Oct 2011

Herman Manson
[Netprophet 2011] African ecommerce market has a long way to go

A billion Africans and 50 million bank accounts. In South Africa, credit cards are used by only 16.5% of the population (2008). No African country comes close to 1% of total retail spend spent online - the magic figure which constitutes the tipping point for digital retail growth. No wonder, then, that the ecommerce market in Africa hasn't bloomed.

By Herman Manson 12 May 2011

Zim government blocks Pick n Pay's Zimbabwe acquisition
Zim government blocks Pick n Pay's Zimbabwe acquisition

The Zimbabwe government has blocked the purchase of a 24% stake in TM Supermarkets by South Africa's retail group Pick n Pay due to an indigenisation law requiring foreign and white-owned firms to relinquish control to black Zimbabweans.

By Dumisani Ndlela 20 Jan 2011

Massmart sells Zim stores to OK Zimbabwe
Massmart sells Zim stores to OK Zimbabwe

South Africa's Massmart, a sitting duck for a US$2 billion takeover bid by US retailer Wal-Mart Store Inc., has sold its Zimbabwe unit to retail group, OK Zimbabwe. The deal ends months of speculation over Massmart's planned disposal of Makro Zimbabwe and the identity of the buyer.

By Dumisani Ndlela 10 Dec 2010

Meikles to rebrand TM Supermarkets into Pick n Pay
Meikles to rebrand TM Supermarkets into Pick n Pay

Zimbabwe's Meikles group has agreed to allow Pick n Pay to rebrand TM Supermarkets after a deal in which the South African retailer will shore up its shareholding in the supermarket chain to 49%.

By Dumisani Ndlela 2 Dec 2010

Zim: No bargains for Christmas shoppers
Zim: No bargains for Christmas shoppers

Zimbabwean retailers have begun their big push for the 13th cheque - bonus money that always comes ahead of the year-end festive season. The Christmas carols are already playing in decorated shops and complexes, and it is all looking beautiful.

By Dumisani Ndlela 19 Nov 2010

Zim: Lager volumes hit 10-year high
Zim: Lager volumes hit 10-year high

Lagers and sparkling beverages consumption surged during the six months to 30 September 2010, pushing total beverages volumes for the half-year period to a level not seen since 2005. Lagers volumes reached levels last seen in 1999.

By Dumisani Ndlela 15 Nov 2010

Zim government opposes sweets for change

Finance Minister Tendai Biti has realised that stability brought to the country by dollarisation has also brought with it some difficulties - hundreds of retail customers have to get their change in the form of sweets because of lack of coins.

By Dumisani Ndlela 1 Nov 2010

Zim: Meikles Stores runs credit promotion

Zimbabwe departmental stores group, Meikles Stores is targeting 50 000 new accounts between October and December under a partnership with a local financial institution, TN Bank. The accounts will be managed by a TN Bank-Meikles Stores joint venture vehicle, Meikles Credit Services.

By Dumisani Ndlela 11 Oct 2010

Zim: Ban on SA chickens hurt revenues - retailer

One of Zimbabwe's leading retailers has become the first to report that it had been negatively impacted by a government ban on the import of poultry and milk products to protect struggling domestic industries.

By Dumisani Ndlela 1 Sep 2010

TM Supermarkets comes close to losing top spot

TM Supermarkets came within a whisker of losing its top spot as the biggest supermarket chain by outlets to rival OK Zimbabwe after closing three branches during the half-year period to June 2010.

By Dumisani Ndlela 30 Aug 2010

Zim: An apparel shop and a funeral plan

There is a new signal that seasons have changed in Zimbabwe, and it is the apparel shops displaying "winter clearance sale" or "summer fashions just arrived" signs on their display windows.

By Dumisani Ndlela 23 Aug 2010

McDonald's to open restaurants in Zimbabwe
McDonald's to open restaurants in Zimbabwe

US-based fast food giant McDonald's has cast its sights on Zimbabwe, 11 years after its initial plan to start restaurants in the country failed due to an unprecedented economic and political crisis.

By Dumisani Ndlela 16 Aug 2010

Surge in Zim retail imports triggers concern

Zimbabwe's central bank has called on government to halt what it called "deindustrialisation through over-reliance on imports of finished goods" after the distribution and retail sector accounted for the biggest jump in imports by value during the half year to June.

By Dumisani Ndlela 11 Aug 2010

Coca-Cola enters Zimbabwe's energy drink market
Coca-Cola enters Zimbabwe's energy drink market

The Coca-Cola Company has entered Zimbabwe's energy drinks market in a demonstration of renewed interest in a country that had become a pariah to international investors due to an unprecedented economic crisis.

By Dumisani Ndlela 6 Aug 2010

TM Supermarkets rebrands

Zimbabwe's biggest retail group by outlets, TM Supermarkets has rebranded into a new look the company says reaffirms its commitment to provide an "unparalleled standard of quality and service".

By Dumisani Ndlela 26 Jul 2010

Zim bank begins importing SA rand coins

A Zimbabwean commercial bank has begun offering South African rand coins to deal with a shortage of change in the country's retail market.

By Dumisani Ndlela 22 Jul 2010

Zim manufacturers ramp up food production

A liquidity crunch in Zimbabwe since dollarisation has meant that cash has become the most sought after commodity in the country after food. But fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturers are ensuring a massive ramp up of food production to get people's cash trickling into their coffers even when other businesses are haemorrhaging from dwindling demand.

By Dumisani Ndlela 14 Jul 2010

Zim bank lures football fans in marketing drive

TN Bank has turned on the power of football into a marketing tool by bankrolling a match between Zimbabwe's most popular team, Dynamos FC and the DRC's TP Mazembe on 18 July 2010.

By Dumisani Ndlela 18 Jun 2010

Pick n Pay to bailout Zim retailer
Pick n Pay to bailout Zim retailer

Meikles Ltd CEO Brendan Beaumont has confirmed negotiations with South Africa's Pick n Pay over Zimbabwe's TM Supermarkets, saying the supermarket chain requires US$21 million, or R167 million at the ruling exchange rate, in fresh capital.

By Dumisani Ndlela 24 May 2010

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