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Primedia Outdoor continues to evolve AVR technology, now including colour recognition

Following the positive results and ROI of Primedia Outdoor's Prime(i) Road and Prime(i) Mall technology and product offering, this innovative AVR (Anonymous Vehicle Recognition) technology has evolved even further and now includes colour recognition - another improvement giving brands the opportunity to reach their target market in a more effective and efficient manner, leaving a lasting impression.
Primedia Outdoor continues to evolve AVR technology, now including colour recognition

With Prime(i) Road digital billboards, advertisers have a unique opportunity for enhanced targeting through state-of-the-art digital advertising platforms using anonymous vehicle recognition technology. As before, the technology allows for hyper-targeted and relevant brand messaging – This now includes colour recognition, which allows brands to become even more specific in their targeting whilst still conforming to the relevant data privacy legislations. With this added benefit, an advert can now go beyond just recognizing a specific motor vehicle type, and now can go as far as identifying a motor vehicles colour, for example, someone in their red vehicle may trigger an ad and a reaction to say “Hey, did that billboard just speak to me?”

“Primedia Outdoor is committed to delivering the best possible solutions to advertisers through innovation and dynamic opportunities. This advancement of Prime(i) delivers increased engagement opportunities to our DOOH advertisers looking for advanced targeting mechanisms, but at the same time secure enough to maintain measures to safeguard an individual’s privacy,” says Jorja Wilkins, Marketing and Marketing services executive at Primedia Outdoor.

The AVR system intelligently takes the colour of the traffic light into account as well, to ensure targeted vehicles are stationary when the system fires a trigger and the vehicle hasn’t gone past the site when the triggered advert plays. The system also integrates into Primedia Outdoor’s digital signage software, both of which use a NetTime Protocol (NTP) ensuring the time on both machines are 100% in-sync. This allows transparent reporting in the form of a snapshot of the vehicle that was targeted when the triggered creative was displayed, linked together by a date and timestamp. In so far as the Protection of Personal Information Act and any related data privacy legislation is concerned, this technology is fully compliant and no facial recognition or number plate information is collected or stored.

Primedia Outdoors’ state-of-the-art digital assets are fully equipped with dynamic capabilities which delivers engaging and memorable outdoor-media campaigns harnessed by the latest technology. Primedia Outdoors’ dynamic capabilities offer opportunities for:

  • pDOOH – Programmatic Digital Out of Home
  • Dynamic messaging triggered by weather-based applications including pollen and air pollution.
  • Live sports score updates and/or event streaming in real-time.
  • Social Wall whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms to be displayed onto digital out-of-home assets.
  • Radio to Road, a multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity.
  • Prime (i) Road (anonymous vehicle recognition) ideal for target specific messaging.

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6 Aug 2021 12:54