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Cisco appoints PR agency, Hook, Line & Sinker

In a strategic move to enhance brand visibility and market presence, leading tech company Cisco South Africa has announced the appointment of Hook, Line & Sinker (HLS) as its trusted PR partner, adding to the agency’s growing portfolio of multinational business and technology clients.
Cisco appoints PR agency, Hook, Line & Sinker

Innovative, digital savvy and award-winning, Hook, Line & Sinker will harness its expertise in the technology space to elevate the company’s share of voice in South Africa and beyond through the art of telling impactful stories to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. Cisco will join HLS’s growing client portfolio which includes SAP Global, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Amazon Europe, CBI-electric: low voltage, and Concur Middle East.

Cisco is one of the most valuable and fastest-growing companies in the world, with 80% of global internet traffic coursing through the company’s infrastructure. Recently, the business recorded $12.7bn in earnings, with this expected to climb to $13.6bn in the coming quarter.

Cisco appoints PR agency, Hook, Line & Sinker

The next 12 months will see HLS strategically shift Cisco’s brand perceptions from a hardware leader to a comprehensive technology enterprise, with capabilities in both the hardware and software space. In addition to elevating Cisco’s ‘share of voice’, the agency will also provide full-suite media relations to ensure the brand remains top of mind when it comes to trending topics such as AI, cybersecurity and workspaces of the future. HLS will also strategically position global and local executives as industry experts and authority figures.

"HLS has firmly positioned itself as an award-winning agency over the past few years. Their unique understanding of the tech-PR landscape and creative approach to communications sets them apart, making a lasting impact in the digital realm. We are confident they will support our brand vision, turning it into reality by further amplifying our success, elevating our share of voice among competitors, and telling Cisco’s innovation story impactfully."

Cisco appoints PR agency, Hook, Line & Sinker

HLS won silver for South Africa’s Best Small PR Consultancy of 2023. In addition, the agency was also a finalist for Business Partner’s ‘SA Entrepreneur of the Year’ and also won Best Creative PR and Communications Agency in South Africa. In just five years, HLS has firmly established itself as a fast-growing and innovative agency that helps brands to find the right story Hook, and select the best communications Line, to deliver the ultimate campaign Sinker. HLS expertise extends across public relations, marketing, advertising, and social media, supporting some of the world’s most respected and admired brands across Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA. For more information, or follow Facebook, X, Instagram and LinkedIn.

12 Jun 2024 11:55