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Huawei Seeds for the Future programme is now accepting applications for its 2024 programme to be held in China
Seeds for the Future, Huawei's globally-recognised CSR flagship programme is now open for 2024 applications in South Africa. The annual programme provides training opportunities for outstanding students, including a cross-cultural exchange and advanced training in technologies such as 5G, Cloud, AI and IoT. This year 15 South African students will be chosen and will be welcomed back to China for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic. 21 Jun 2024 Read more

The causes making a difference in SA
We all know that South Africa is a country whose deep and storied history means that today it continues to face a myriad of complex socio-economic challenges. Despite facing these formidable challenges, South Africa continues to demonstrate its indomitable spirit in tackling systems of poverty and inequality to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. 4 Jun 2024 Read more

Huawei launches eKit brand for SMEs at the China (Shenzhen) - SA Investment Promotion Conference
Huawei introduced its eKit brand of network solutions to the South African SME market at the China (Shenzhen) – South Africa Investment Promotion Conference. Hosted by the Development and Reform Commission of the Shenzhen Municipality at the Bank of China Johannesburg Branch in Sandton recently, the event sought to strengthen ties between South Africa and the Shenzhen municipality. 3 May 2024 Read more

Malaria - we’ve barely scratched the surface
Malaria is frequently referred to as a disease of poverty. For many people, malaria is a daily reality that affects not only their health, but their mental and financial stability, family life, work, and education, too. Even if they recover physically, the long-term effects prove to be a burden. 30 Apr 2024 Read more

Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront to undergo refurbishment
The iconic, luxury seaside Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town recently announced its plans to undergo renovations as part of its commitment to offering guests world class furnishings and interior design. 29 Apr 2024 Read more

Huawei unlocking opportunities for the youth at Job Fair 2024 of Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa
Chinese-invested enterprises in South Africa, including Huawei, gathered at the Gallagher Convention Centre for Job Fair 2024 on 16 April. The event was supported by the Chinese Embassy and run by the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association (SACETA). 18 Apr 2024 Read more

5 ways to make a fellow driver’s day
There’s something about driving that can make even the mellowest among us see red. Whether it’s because we have been cut off in traffic, have not been let into a lane you desperately need to get into, or have been overtaken by someone driving way over the speed limit, we have all had moments where we have leaned on the hooter, flashed our lights, or screamed at another driver. 5 Apr 2024 Read more

Addressing South Africa’s water scarcity is everyone’s responsibility
South Africa is one of the driest countries on the planet, with an average of just 464mm of rain annually (compared to a global average of 786mm). The climate catastrophe is only exacerbating this scarcity too. Within the last six years, two major South African metropoles have come close to “Day Zero” scenarios where the taps would have run completely dry. 22 Mar 2024 Read more

Beyond booze: How zero-alcohol drinks went from niche to mainstream
There was a time, not too long ago when your choices were extremely limited if you were going to a bar, restaurant, or party and you wanted a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink. You could order a lime and tonic, ask for a soft drink in a glass, or hope that the establishment you were at had at least one non-alcoholic cocktail (also known as a mocktail) that wasn’t too sweet and packed with calories. 15 Mar 2024 Read more

Imagine if AI wore lipstick: A leap towards inclusive innovation
I believe that technology mirrors life in its diversity and vibrancy. Take something as simple as choosing a lipstick colour - it’s a personal expression. How often have you chosen a shade of lipstick that represents more than your style but your stance against the norm? Now, imagine AI as an extension of that choice. It's not just about technology; it's about redefining the boundaries of what's possible, challenging the norms, and expanding our understanding of intelligence. 8 Mar 2024 Read more

World Wildlife Day, 3 March: Anyone can join the fight to save Africa’s wildlife
World Wildlife Day is an annual event observed on 3 March that aims to raise awareness about the world's wild animals and plants and the need to protect them. If you live in a city far from natural wildlife, you can still be a part of celebrating and acknowledging this special day. Here are a few ways how. 1 Mar 2024 Read more

Huawei underlines the importance of Solar Smart PV energy storage and safety at Residential Luna 2.0 launch
Huawei, the leading global vendor of digital power products and solutions, underlined the importance of energy storage and safety for residential Solar PV systems during the launch of its Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 Smart PV solution into the South African market. The launch, which took place in Sandton, highlighted the growing importance of residential solar PV in addressing South Africa’s energy needs, while also showcasing its superior safety measures and their importance. 21 Feb 2024 Read more

Pretoria property – A capital investment
Pretoria has come into its own as a highly sought-after city to live in. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this purple patch for the scenic Jacaranda City. 5 Feb 2024 Read more

Huawei honours ICT instructors and students from high performing academic institutions
More than 42 excellent students and lecturers affiliated with the Huawei ICT Academy programme in South Africa were honoured for their outstanding achievements in 2023 at the annual Huawei ICT Academy Awards Ceremony, held in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. 19 Dec 2023 Read more

Huawei's 2023 ICT Job Fair: Nurturing ICT talent
In late November, 40 skilled young graduates who’ve taken part in Huawei’s ICT Academy, got the invaluable opportunity to put themselves forward to prospective employers at Huawei’s annual ICT Talent Job Fair. 11 Dec 2023 Read more

Curb the cost of bad credit
It's Black Friday this month and that means it's tempting to spend on seemingly great discounts. But bear in mind that overspending and buying on credit could harm your credit score, and this could impact your financial future. Bradd Bendall, BetterBond head of sales, has the following advice to help you maintain a healthy credit score. 17 Nov 2023 Read more

Connecting cultures: Amapiano, from South Africa to the world...
Over the past few years, the global music landscape has witnessed a transformative cultural exchange, thanks to the rise of Amapiano, a uniquely South African sound, that has captivated audiences worldwide. Born on the streets of Johannesburg and Pretoria's townships in the late 2010s, Amapiano, characterised by its blend of various musical elements, including house music, jazz, kwaito, and other African influences, has become nothing short of a global phenomenon. 27 Sep 2023 Read more

Young, female and breaking barriers in ICT
Today's blend of young women is breaking barriers. They are not holding back on taking up careers in industries and fields that are traditionally male-dominated. In technology, in particular, many young women are blazing the trail set alight by global tech leaders like former META COO and author of the book Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg. 31 Aug 2023 Read more

Huawei ICT competition winners ride a wave of success
Members of the South African team which took a top spot in the 2022-2023 Huawei Global ICT Competition held in Shenzhen, China recently are still riding high following their success. The two University of KwaZulu Natal graduates, Lutho Sigidi and Nqubeko Asanda Shabalala and University of Johannesburg graduate Terry-Anne Fredericks have all been employed by Huawei and, recently were singled out for praise by South Africa's president Cyril Ramaphosa when he visited the Huawei Campus. 31 Aug 2023 Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow invites goop-ies for an Airbnb stay at her Montecito home
Loneliness is a human condition, but in the past few years, increased isolation has made our lives even more fragmented. 11 Aug 2023 Read more

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