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Ten tips to building a great team

You don't necessarily need to be a manager or a senior person in a company to be a leader and to help build a great team around you. Leaders are those who lead by example through passion, tenacity, hard work and positivity.

By Tara Turkington 29 Jun 2013

ANC vs DA: Who are the social media winners in this election?

While politicians have been stomping back and forth across the country, arguing about toilets and attempting to upstage one another while putting up election posters, another battle has been playing out in the social media terrain. It's a tricky landscape, with fewer - but arguably more connected and more influential - potential voters than those who aren't hooked up to the likes of Twitter just yet.

By Tara Turkington 16 May 2011

[2011 trends] An A-to-Z of social media trends to watch

The social networking phenomenon is moving at meteoric rates, and in 2011, it will evolve quicker than ever before. To avoid becoming a technological dinosaur, here's an A-to-Z of social networking and media trends to watch this year...

By Tara Turkington 24 Jan 2011

Storytelling, social networking, destination marketing: selling tourism online

Who is Jabulani the Octopus? When did it last snow on Table Mountain? What does a kudu sound like when it is dying? Why should we care about Australopithecus sediba? What happens when a whale jumps on your boat? And what in the world does any of this have to do with online destination marketing?

By Tara Turkington 25 Oct 2010

Chile mine rescue: lessons in newsworthiness

As the last Chilean miner was pulled out of the Fenix rescue capsule this morning, millions of people watching on televisions around the world cheered with relief and jubilation. This has - technically speaking - been one of the greatest news stories of all time. Here's why.

By Tara Turkington 14 Oct 2010

10 startup tips for success in media, marketing

South Africa must be one of the few places in the world where you can start a company with zero capital and turn it into a success. But it's going to take loads of hard work, a great sense of humour, and plenty of glasses half-filled with optimism.

By Tara Turkington 1 Sep 2010

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