Jason Levin & Jessica Oosthuizen

MD and writer & analyst at HDI Youth Marketeers
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Jason Levin is MD and Jessica Oosthuizen is writer and analyst for HDI Youth Marketeers (www.hdiyouth.co.za), both spending their time understanding what makes young South Africans tick. Contact Jason and Jess on tel +27 (0)11 706 6016 or email or .
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[2012 trends] Generation Y Not

South Africa's young consumers are more savvy and demanding than ever before. Not surprisingly, marketers have to work harder and smarter to make their brands compelling to kids, teens and young adults. 2012 stands for pace, progress, challenge and increased 'prosumer' power. Here are 10 whats and hows, ending with some of the hottest youth brands to look out for this year.

By Jason Levin & Jessica Oosthuizen 23 Jan 2012

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