Tseko Shibambu

CEO at One Contact and Director at Bambu Advertising
Location:Pretoria, South Africa


Tseko Shibambu is CEO of One Contact Mass Market Services (Pty) Ltd, chairman of Mahube Investments, and director of Bambu Advertising. He holds MBA and BSc degrees. Tseko has worked for blue chip companies and also on various successful brands over and above his university lecturing experience, and prides himself in assisting companies and individuals deliver on their brand promises. Email Tseko at
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Festive economy bolstered by stokvels and societies

According to the National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA), four main categories of stokvels can be identified - basic revolving savings schemes, loan schemes, home loan schemes and shared buying schemes. The main economic spenders around the end of the year are the shared buying scheme members, who use wholesalers and other retailers to purchase in bulk.

By Tseko Shibambu 10 Jan 2012

Content marketing contributes substantially to the bottom line

The advent of the Internet has brought with it opportunities and new marketing techniques. Sales people offer prospects face-to-face and verbal communication which depends on their innate ability to be successful. Content marketing provides online information that the public needs in order to make the right decisions.

By Tseko Shibambu 28 Sep 2011

The essential role of employees as brand advocates in companies

Companies have evolved significantly from the pre-industrial revolution, where employees were only seen as providers of an exchange process where they were remunerated for their labour without regard to their well-being and satisfaction. Anecdotally, though it may seem mindboggling, some companies today are still struggling to break-free from this practice.

By Tseko Shibambu 30 Aug 2011

Great PR efforts by the world's undoubtedly quintessential retailer

As the South African authorities, opinion leaders and opinion formers (such as trade unions and economists, the general public, and every Mr-Know-It-All) prepare to comment and/or dent the prospects of the proposed Massmart/Walmart deal, Walmart has launched a very brave and ingenious PR campaign.

By Tseko Shibambu 10 May 2011

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