Amanda Dlamini, strategic planning manager at Y&R.
#BizTrends2018: Treading softly - creativity in sensitive times

The world of advertising and creativity has come under great scrutiny in recent years. The rise of consumer activism has caused ordinary people throughout the world to question the integrity of brands as well as corporations at large.

By Amanda Dlamini 8 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2018: Prescriptive data in the digital space, the next big thing
#BizTrends2018: Prescriptive data in the digital space, the next big thing

The recent advances in data analytics and machine learning will see a huge shift in how we use data in 2018.

By Paula Raubenheimer 8 Jan 2018

Cartoonist launches website

Zimbabwean political cartoonist Tony Namate has launched a website for political cartoons after what he said were “consistent requests from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora who can't access his cartoons” from the domestic press.

By Dumisani Ndlela 4 Mar 2008

Zimbabwe inflation soars past 100,000%

Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate has soared to over 100,000%, according to official figures released on Wednesday, 20 February.

21 Feb 2008

Zimbabwe: Heading for difficult choices in dire times
Zimbabwe: Heading for difficult choices in dire times

Political violence has been a traditional staple of Zimbabwean elections, but with the ruling ZANU-PF party now split, next month's ballot could see a whole new scale of trouble.

15 Feb 2008

Zimbabwe: Between the lines
Zimbabwe: Between the lines

The Zimbabwean government's move to ask two independent newspapers it has banned to re-register is being viewed with much scepticism in local media circles.

30 Jan 2008

Zim advertising awards go ahead despite lack of new campaigns

Zimbabwe's Advertising Publicity Club is organising its annual competition for the advertising industry, despite a dearth of new campaigns due to an economic crisis that has stunted growth and limited new advertising campaigns in a once vibrant sector.

By Dumisani Ndlela 11 Jan 2008

Cricket Australia tries to corner image market

Cricket Australia (CA), the governing body of one of Australia's favourite sports, is trying to force all photographers and agencies to sign a new contract before they enter the cricket grounds.

13 Dec 2007

Now Zambia Airways cancels Zimbabwe flights

Zimbabwe this week suffered a major setback in its drive to lure more international tourist traffic after Zambian Airways cancelled flights into the country due to viability problems.

By Kumbirai Mafunda, Senior Business Reporter 30 Nov 2007

Zimbabwe: Expats keep families afloat

The scale of migration to Britain by Zimbabweans escaping their country's economic and political woes has reached the point where, with typically wry humour, London is referred to as "Harare North".

28 Nov 2007

Music video project for Africa

Pan-African music entertainment network MTV Networks Africa and oil marketer Shell have partnered to boost Africa's contemporary music industry.

22 Nov 2007

Cash crunch strains Zimbabwe's electronic payment facilities

The need to carry barrow-loads of banknotes, if you want to pay cash, has led to more and more Zimbabweans turning to plastic - and that is bringing it's own problems...

By Dumisani Ndlela 21 Nov 2007

Swedish agency offers training opportunities to African journalists

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency has announced vacancies for the 2008 Seminar on Journalism and Democracy at the Institute for Further Education of Journalists, Fojo in Sweden. Journalists from six African countries, including; Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Rwanda, and Somalia are eligible for the course.

By Walter Wafula 19 Nov 2007

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