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WorldVentures brings training to Zimbabwe

WorldVentures, a global direct seller of vacation club memberships, will bring in-depth training to 350 of its independent representatives in Africa.
WorldVentures personal development and business trainings have been taking place around the world all year long to ensure all independent business owners have the training they need to successfully build their own businesses.

Launching the event in Zimbabwe again enables many more of WorldVentures local representatives to benefit from this personal development training. The two-day training is taking place at the Cresta Lodge in Harare, 3kms from Harare's central business district. This makes the Cresta Lodge the ideal WorldVentures venue choice, providing the representatives an opportunity to enjoy both business and pleasure.

"We are honoured to train our devoted independent representatives here, in Zimbabwe," said WorldVentures' co-founder and CEO Mike Azcue.

"Localizing our personal development and business training to Harare enables our people from Africa to enjoy this unique event more conveniently and closer to home. It's great that many devoted Independent Representatives decided to take an active part in leveraging their own business. I'm certain that implementing the knowledge they are acquiring here, will show in their business."