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Zimbabwe's state-run radio stations now on Internet

Zimbabwe's state-run radio stations are now streaming live on the internet, just months after state television also launched on JumpTV – a Dubai-based distributor of live international television and sports programmes over the Internet.
The country's four radio stations - Power FM, National FM, Radio Zimbabwe and SFM - all run by the state-owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings (ZBC), went live on the internet on October 12.

“The stations' programmes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and form part of the Zimbabwe package on for US$10.95 per month,” JumpTV announced in a statement Tuesday.

ZBC TV was launched on in May this year and is one of the highest viewed television channels from Africa on JumpTV's online television network which streams over 300 channels from 85 countries, the company said.

“ZBC's radio stations enhance our content offering from Zimbabwe, giving our subscribers full access to news and entertainment from home”, said Douglas Ames, JumpTV's General Manager for Africa & Europe.

Henry Muradzikwa, Chief Executive Officer of ZBC said: “We began streaming ZBC TV with JumpTV earlier this year and the feedback from subscribers has been overwhelmingly positive. We welcome the addition of our radio programmes on the Internet”.

Zimbabwe's radio stations make it a total of 10 radio stations streamed live from Africa on in addition to over 35 live television channels. Uganda's top five radio stations were the first radio to be added to JumpTV's platform from Africa in September 2007.

ZBC is expected to share revenue raised from subscriptions to the channel.

Millions of Zimbabweans have left the country, fleeing an unprecedented economic collapse and rising poverty. JumpTV officials are aiming to tap into that market, although media analysts believe many will subscribe simply for nostalgic purposes, pointing to the political bias of ZBC programmes.

You can watch ZBC TV and listen to the four radio stations by subscribing on the website:

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Re: The State of Our Nation-
I am very sad to see people of Zimbabwe being beaten just to keep an old man of 84 years in office. If he can not see any of us Zimbabweans being able to lead the nation then we are stupid unworthy people in his eyes. He can not even give anyone from ZANU P.F the job and this is how selfish our President is. The war to liberty Zimbabwe was fought by the children of Zimbabwean people not Mugabe alone. Many sons and daughters of Zimbabwe suffered and died and yet this old man has chosen to continue using violence to keep himself in office amassing wealth. Why are people beating and killing each other?
Posted on 17 Apr 2008 14:31
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Posted on 17 Feb 2011 11:32