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2022 just got fresher

Okay, let's get the obvious stuff out the way: the world has changed, Covid-19 has been hard and Tik Tok is a thing.
2022 just got fresher
2022 just got fresher

Now that we’re on the same page, there’s only one teeny tiny question: where to from here? Lockdowns and new variants aside, brands and students still need to connect.

This is where Fresher’s Box comes in. Launched 2020 during O-week, Fresher’s gives students a new way to interact with brands through swag and other gear, packaged in a branded box, to help them ease into the new year.

Covid-19 may have changed how Fresher’s are distributed, but whether students will be on campus, off campus or working remotely, they will still get the chance to get fresh.

2022 just got fresher

This year, our goal is to take Fresher’s nationally with a series of Fresher’s Box Activations, spanning 10 campuses, including branded stands and experiences where we will be distributing thousands of boxes (safely) while promoting participating brands through our 250k strong social network.

If you want SA’s students to get fresh with your brand, or to learn more about what we have in store for 2022, contact az.oc.egallivtneduts@onoj or slide into our DM’s on LinkedIn or Facebook.

2022 just got fresher

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We are youth market specialists. For over 20 years we have nurtured deep and direct connections with youth, enabling us to create and facilitate insight-driven and authentic marketing for our brands. Our services include youth insights, strategy and creative, digital and influencer marketing campaigns, and managing corporate bursary programmes – reaching youth where they live, work, learn and play.

17 Jan 2022 13:09