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Redefinition launches in Zimbabwe

Redefinition, a new advertising agency is expected to launch this week in Zimbabwe. Redefinition, described as the new player in Zimbabwe's advertising and marketing industry, specialises in advertising, marketing, branding and social media use.
As the name suggests, the company sets its goals on re-defining advertising and marketing through creating a platform for small businesses to invade the global village to showcase their products and services.

Redefinition's advertising director, Anele Dube described this venture as "a begining of new era" in the advertising and marketing industry. He says, "Redefinition has come to transform the industry through taking small and medium enterprises around the globe. We are creating an entity that provides services for the upcoming businesses to realise their dreams as our motto clearly states that Your Future is Our Vision".

Promoting strategic advertising

He added that the aim of the company is to promote strategic advertising and marketing through effective internet use at low costs. Located in Bulawayo, the company is expected to launch its site this Thursday, 12 July 2012, with a free advertising promotion until the end of August.

The brains behind the project are National University of Science and Technology graduates who, as per the university's slogan, have decided to "Think in Other Terms", through creating a unique platform set to boost businesses in Bulawayo and Zimbabwe at large.

Advertising in Zimbabwe has remained a lacking sector despite notable technological developments that has seen increase internet use even by rural areas. Technological developments have also increased the social networks especially Facebook use by various ages groups with the age range of between 15-40 years being the most active.

Redefinition's impact has already been felt on Twitter and Facebook as the buildup to the launch of its website increases. However, most companies remain rooted to traditional means of advertising which is mainly through local press. Dube said his company is there to transform the mindset of small business to appreciate and take advantage of the internet's advantages compared to traditional advertising ways.

"The internet breaks boundaries for businesses and this is the time for small businesses to enjoy the internet advantages", said Dube.