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Magazine launched for Zimbawean diaspora

A new magazine, Zim Abroad, has been launched for Zimbabweans working and living abroad, by the CMG International Media Group.
Zim Abroad
magazine will report on people born, bred or educated in Zimbabwe who have pushed the limits against all odds to succeed and do both their country, themselves and their fellow countrymen proud.

Its editorial appeal will initially target the Zimbabwean diaspora. Articles will promote Zimbabwean communities abroad, be non-partisan, apolitical and progressive in nature. Content will mainly be based on biographies and profiles, as well as news.

The publication will also talk about non-Zimbabweans or organisations involved in one way or the other with Zimbabwe, where ever they are.

Distribution of the publication will be in various forms, including print, online and mobile platforms. The publication is published quarterly by CMG International Media Group, founded by Conrad Mwanza, who is behind the global brand Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) International.

Conrad Mwanza
Zim Abroad will complement the ZAA brand. Both the ZAA and Zim Abroad magazine seeks to recognize and honour Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits against all odds to succeed,” said Mwanza. “It is set to bring excitement and respect among Zimbabweans while also helping further transform the international media publishing landscape.”

The magazine derives its term from the Zimbabwean diaspora, a reference to nationals from Zimbabwe who left after independence live in other countries.

The first edition released this month, May, offers special recognition to several women blazing trails across the world. The cover features Taponeswa Mavunga, a lady who is on top of the arts and entertainment world leading the publicity department of an international music label.

“Most women are still undervalued in a number of industries, including business, and in our first edition we unequivocally give a standing ovation to trail blazing Zimbabwean women who are riding the crest of a wave in various industries,” explained Mwanza.

The maiden issue also covers some of Zimbabwe’s and Africa’s great men like S. Gabriel Shumba, and Dr Ian Chikanza. Readers will be regularly informed, educated or entertained, as different personalities in the Zimbabwean Diaspora community continue to excel abroad.